Our furry founders’ fave things.

Ally, one of our furry founders, has picked up a little weight. Since 2020 has become the year when everyone likes to give meaning to things, we’re just going to blame it on Lockdown. Thankfully, now with Level One in place, we’ll start taking long, fun walks to the park as a family, together with my husband and Rollo, and of course, we have since changed both their diets.  

As a fur baby lifestyle brand, we ensure our little ones get the best possible everything. We swear by the Dog Food App, available both on Google Play and Apple stores, to order their now fave Hills Perfect Weight food every month. The goodies are delivered often on the same day and often at a discount. We know, how awesome? Healthy pups live longer and we do plan to keep ours forever; till paws do us apart.

Even their treats are healthy. If you’ve ever wondered what fur babies snack on, Ally and Rollo chomp on the Woolworth’s Posh Pets chicken strips dog treats. They’re made with real chicken fillets and they do not contain any flavourants. ‘Tasty and quite easy to digest’ – feedback from our fur babies.

We’ve often been described as a tight-knit and diverse family. It may have something to do with our fur babies going to different veterinarians. Can you believe it? Yes, that’s how they prefer it. Both Rollo and Ally have their own distinct, furry personalities. They also have the distinct privilege of being both chipped and neutered, not to mention inoculated every year. We want them to be safe and healthy, always. Ally goes to the Oaklands Vet , her fave, in, well, Oaklands and Rollo to the Village Vet Group in Rivonia, his fave. Talk about preference.

We wouldn’t say they have a fave tick and flea product, but we use Bravecto. We throw it in with their dinner and it protects them almost as fast as they wolf it down. (Bravecto also have a cat range...we noticed). With our schedule, it’s the easiest way to keep up with tick and flea prevention. A single dose of Bravecto for each of them ensures coverage for up to 12 weeks, guaranteed. Maybe they don’t know it’s their fave?

Now, for the fun parts. Grooming and lifestyle. We used to take Ally and Rollo to the pup-friendliest restaurant in Johannesburg,: Full Stop Café in Parktown. Besides serving the best pizza, the pups really enjoyed roaming around the place, making it their own, being doted on by everyone. Rollo started going there when he was just a little pup, no bigger than my hand. Unfortunately, it’s since closed permanently and we hope, with this blog post, the owners understand how sentimental and special their place was to us.

These days, our fave spot has to be Walkhaven. It's out of town and incredibly tranquil. R35 entrance per human. Pups are free, of course and they can safely run free for miles, playing and socialising with all the other doggos out there. They all get to exercise, get all muddy and all get washed and dipped right after for only R70 a pup. Amazing! Situated at Plot 77, Zwartkop, Muldersdrift. Few places on earth to spend a Sunday with your pups.

For other fun places to hang out with your fur family please be on the lookout for our reviews on our social media platforms.

For safety and security on our day outings our puppies wear collars from Rogz. Ally’s fave is a pink choke collar and Rollo’s fave is a blue one. He thinks he looks gangsta, and he does. Our fave thing about them is the the reflective yarn, woven into the webbing for night time visibility. Oh, and their matching leashes from Rogz too. Fave!

For their hair and grooming, Ally and Rollo’s fave spot is Doggy Daycare, which we couldn’t recommend more highly. They’re a five star-rated dog spa and daycare -  the perfect two-in-one combo, and both Jenni & Toni, the owners, treat them as their own. They are, after all, their grandpawrents. They charge a reasonable R200 per pup for the full groom which includes; cut, wash, dry and nails, if you don’t mind. It’s no wonder Rollo and Ally consider Doggy Daycare as their 2nd home. For more info please do get in touch with us or directly.

Like us humans, our pups need rest and deserve the most comfortable spots to do so. Rollo and Ally’s fave places to lounge and catch a few zzz’s is atop one of the Dayzbeds or BlankyBeds from our Urban Collection at Urban Hound Social. Unlimited doses of comfort we tell you. Like most happy, healthy pups, Rollo and Ally sleep for A LOT of the day. So, a comfy beddy and blanky is not only their fave, but a must. We have a few in every room. Besides, when they are sleeping peacefully we can do some blogging.  

Talking blankys, their fave is from Mr.Price Home. They have this plush blanket range that comes at an affordable price too. The dimensions are 125X150 cm and are 100% Polyester. Easy to wash and they complement our home décor.

Last but not least, one of our fave things to do is gift our pawmunity promo codes and since the festive season has come early at UrbanHoundSocial.com. pls use code FAVE at checkout to get 15% off on us.


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