Two For The Price Of Fun

What happens when world-renowned photographer, Emma Obrien and her twin doggos, Edward and Victoria, enter a studio with a lovely selection of Urban Hound Social ShweShwe pup apparel? Pure pawsomeness, obvs.

We've never worked with professional models before. Too intimidating, with their long-legs, their pawfect coats and "training."   

When these two rescues, Edward and Victoria, began strutting their stuff, wearing our stuff of course, shaking their tushes, smiling like crazy at the camera on what we've decided shall now and forever be called, "the dogwalk" (sorry cats), we were just blown away.

All that pawmp and circumstance we feared faded away and we just found ourselves glued to two of the happiest pups we've ever seen, having the time of their lives and looking as dashing as ever in Urban Hound Social merch.  

Exactly how it should be. 

As our hoomans always say, "We want to make every pup's life feel and look as beautiful as they make ours." 

Spot on, Emma. You did it. Awww.... who's a good hooman? You, Emma, that's who. 

If you or your pup want a pawtrait or two, reach out to the talented Emma Obrien. Your life will thank you. So will her doggos.

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