Ever since we could play fetch, we’ve wanted to be entre-paw-neurs; to blaze trails for those with tails, doing something we truly love. Some great ideas and a few very helpful hoomans later, Urban Hound Social by Rollo & Ally (that’s us) was born.

Urban Hound Social is an exciting, new, proudly South African fashion and lifestyle brand created specifically for small-to-medium pups like us and hoomans like you.

Everything we make has its pawskies deeply rooted on the African continent and is ethically handmade with love in South Africa by local hooman artisans. We use only the most colourful, 100% cotton South African shweshwe, sourced from deep in the Eastern Cape, making each Urban Hound Social piece a carefully considered and rare must-have gift for pups and pup parents alike. (Trust us, we sent our hoomans far and wide to source only the best for us hounds. You hoomans too, of course). 

And because we pups will always be pups, our thoughtful hoomans also make sure everything we make is stitched with the highest quality thread and made with beautiful, breathable, lightweight fabrics strong enough for our pawskies to be naughty, soft enough for our bumskies to feel comfy and styled to the nines every time, so we go from your best friend to your best-dressed friend in two shakes of a pup’s tail ;)

Our hoomans see Urban Hound Social as a way to make every pup’s life as beautiful as we make theirs. We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you so much paw stopping by. Don’t be shy to have a sniff around. We have a feeling your pups will love their gifts as much as they love you.

Happy gifting.

With unconditional love,
Rolly & Ally

Contact us at hello@urbanhoundsocial.com

Instagram & Facebook @UrbanHoundSocial